The Strada del Prosecco

vigneti1Is the route which winds its way from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, along the foot of the Trevigiano mountains, discovering Prosecco, the prestigious white wine of refined perlage renowned the world-over.

From the Hotel Antico Mulino, it’s just a few kilometers to arrive at the foot of the wine-producing hills, then enjoy the route which takes visitors along the crests of the hills, with a procession of vineyards unfurling from one town to another, each steeping in history, tradition and art, such as San Pietro di Feletto with its Romanesque 12th century church, and Conegliano, a charming hamlet at the foot of the hills with its pleasant promenade under the shade of the porticoes in Contrada Granda, overlooking ancient noble palaces.

A stopover at the magnificently restored Castello di Collalto at Susegana, and the spectacular Castello dei Brandolini at Cison di Valmarino are an absolute must, perhaps in the springtime when the events organized for the Primavera del Prosecco further embellish the beautiful halls of the castles.


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