villa-widmannThe 18th century traveller who – in the course of his traditional Grand Tour of Italy aboard a private burchio, a typical barge – decided to climb the Brenta from Venice to Padua, could not but help admire one of the jewels of late Venetian baroque, Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari and its estate, at a bend in the river. Commissioned in the early 18th century by the Serimann, Venetian nobles of Persian origin, a half a century was to pass before the great country house assumed its present aspect when the Widmann family bought the property and refurbished it in the French rococo style then much in vogue. The villa’s grand salon has a ceiling reaching to a height of two floors with a suggestive gallery midway, and is completely frescoed in pleasingly light shades that notably add to the luminosity of the room. The Villa Widmann building complex – following the recent restoration of the Barchessa – now features an auditorium with facilities for meetings, conferences and cultural occasions, and two large exhibition rooms for art displays: this enables the building to be used for a large number of events.


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