The Strada del Radicchio

radicchio7_600In addition to being situated near Venice the Hotel Antico Mulino is also close to Treviso, in the heart of the production area for the exquisite tasting Radicchio Rosso di Treviso, at Scorzè.

As for prestigious wines, red radicchio (chicory) has the honor of having a route (strada) dedicated to it, crossing through the countryside between the localities of Scorzè, Treviso and Castelfranco, amidst the towns and fields that are also home to Villas of Veneto of ancient memory, and surprising nature parks safeguarding the special environments created by the river Sile and its crystal clear spring waters.

From the Hotel Antico Mulino, visitors can follow an ideal tour which winds its way from Zero Branco, to see the elegant 17th century Villa Guidini, the home of the Consortium for the Protection of Radicchio, along to Badoere with its spectacular Rotonda, the grandiose Barchessa which plays host to a recurrent typical antiques market, arriving at Cavasagra and its stunning Villa Corner della Regina, descending then on to Quinto di Treviso for a stop at the Oasi naturalistica di Cervara, situated in the Parco Naturale del Sile, passing in front of the airport of Treviso and finally ending at Treviso, a delightful city of water and art with its intact medieval alleys and calm river creating pictoresque views along its journey through the city.



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